Quality Alloy Wheel Repair in Leeds

At Elite Wheel Repair we understand how much people's cars mean to them. We do.

That's why we offer what we and our clients reckon is the number one powder coating service in the area.

How do we achieve this?

Quality powder coating can only be produced by practice and constant reviews of our inspection techniques. Every wheel that comes to us goes through 5 inspection points before we're happy to hand it back to our customer.
From initial inspection, stripping, filling, pre-coating and post coating our eagle eyed staff are constantly looking for any errors in our process. If a wheel doesn't meet our standards they are re-processed until they are.

Elite Wheel Repair attempts to get it right first time, second time and every single time after that.*

What we don't do is masking tape, a bit of filler and a few spray cans for £20 a "corner".

What we do is a full process of stages that produces a beautiful, deep coloured finish. For some more hi definition pictures of our work click on the image on the right to open the hi definition link.