So, you've a choice, wet paint or powder coat. What do you choose?

Let's start with this:

"Typical Corrosion Resistance testing (Salt Spray) for powdercoatings is 500-1000hrs., vs. 72-336hrs for wet paint systems."

So, what does it mean? Well, in real terms over time Powder coating out lasts painting by three times wet paint. Yeah, but you saved a few quid with wet paint. Did you? Did you factor in the cost of having to have them wet painted 2-3 times over a single period of powder coat, and the fact that you have to be without your car for a day or two each time. It's a false economy at best.

"Powder Coating is far more durable than wet paint, pretty much flake resistant over its life on the wheel, ask around, the same won't be said about paint, even most modern paint systems".

Wet Paint wheel refurbishment is renowned for flaking and when it starts to flake, salt can get to the bare surface and at that point you're back to square one, invariably in less than 12 months.

"Yeah, but there's a bigger range of paint colours and the finish is flatter with paint right?"

That used to be the case but powder coating as moved on leaps and bounds since then. Powders are available in all gloss levels, from a 3-5 gloss (flat) all the way up to 90 gloss (high gloss) and we can pretty much match any colour you bring to us. Take a look at our quality page, click on the images to see some HD Pictures of our workmanship.

"What is the original finish on my wheels from new?"

When alloy wheels are manufactured they are powder coated, not painted. If painting your wheels was the better option you would have bought your new car with painted wheel. When we refurbish your wheels we use the same process and in some cases the same products the automotive industry uses.

Not Sure?

Come on down, take a look at what we do and how we do it, see what colour options we have, look at our finishes. We're open from Monday to Friday and most Saturday mornings. Come see us, come see what we're all about.