"Do I need to make an appointment?"

... it does help but no, you can stop by to our workshop and we will do our best to help you.

"Can I leave my car at your workshop?"

... yes you can, whether you're having 1 or all 4 wheels repaired.

"If I just leave the wheel, do I need to take the tyre off?"

... nope, we have all the necessary equipment to remove your tyres and put them back on. We even balance them for you "in house".

"Can you repair custom wheels?"

... yes we can. We can repair any aluminium wheels, although we do charge extra for special colours and split rim repairs in Leeds too.

"My wheels have a factory coated finish, will your repair match this?"

... we powder coat every wheel we refinish. Powder coating is a stronger, more durable finish and allows us to offer a guarantee on all our work.

"I cleaned my wheels with a wheel cleaner, now I have cloudy stains on the wheels, can this be repaired?"

... some cleaners have harsh chemicals that will discolour wheels over time. We recommend cleaning your wheels with soap and water only. The good news is the wheels can be refinished to look like new again. We will strip the old finish off the wheel and refinish them with a new powder coat finish that in most cases is better than new.

"Can you refinish 24 inch wheels?"

... yes we can, in fact we can refinish larger wheels than that.

If you have any further questions call us and we will be happy to discuss your options.