We specialise in alloy wheel repairs and refinishing, from manufacturer wheel colours such as common silvers through to more exotic wheel colours and designs.

With over 20 years experience in alloy wheel refurbishment and we pride ourselves on our quality of product and also our quality of services.

So, if you're looking for alloy wheel repair why not pop down to our workshop and take a look at what we do and what quality of product we actually produce, because a photo will never actually show our quality, or show our enthusiasm for what we do.

We don't just refurbish & coat alloy wheels ...

We also coat:

Car parts powder coating in Leeds
Motorcycle parts powder coating in leeds
Cycle parts powder coating in Leeds
Metal Door powder coating in Leeds

"We're always trying to innovate with colour and push the boundries of powder coat technology. Don't think we can replicate a paint finish with harder wearing powder coats? Come down and see for yourself what we're doing at our workshop. You'll be very surprised".

  We're Doing Amazing Things ...

We're often asked how does the finish of a powder coated wheel  come up against the colours that can be achieved with paint. We're also asked "What's your quality like?" Quite simply put, it's amazing what we can achieve with new powdercoat technology. Powdercoating is harder, more flexible and doesn't flake like paint, it lasts as a finish up to 3 times longer than paint. But best of all, well, best of all, the colours are deeper and more vibrant than paint. Click on any of the images below to see higher definition images of our work at Elite.

 More new stuff going on at Elite. Come follow us on Facebook, we love to get your feedback.

Previously at Elite Wheel Repair? Copper and Printed Wheels, that's what. Our dipped image wheels last longer because they're clear powder coated after processing ....and those beautiful copper wheels go through four colour processes before finishing. Come on down and see these new products in the flesh.

 "We only use Elite Wheel Repair for any wheel scuffs or worse because they get it right first time, second time and every time after that. We trust these guys with cars up to the value of over £200,000 because their repair service is faultless and for that our customers thank us, because they're not hiring a car from us with shoddy looking wheels".

"Some of our cars come back to us in a shocking state, especially the wheels. This is usually down the modern road environment. There's only so long you can go without having your wheels checked and repaired. We go to Elite Wheel repair, they've looked after us and our cars without letting us down once. That to us speaks volumes".

If you love your car like most of us do, you do all you can to avoid kerbing your precious alloys. But as we all know, with the vast amount of potholes and broken kerbs nowadays, it's unavoidable. There is a point where an Alloy Wheel simply can't take another "smart" repair. There comes a point where the only options left are new wheels or a professional powder coat.

A good quality alloy wheel powder coat can transform your wheels from from a really poor state to looking like new in a couple of days.

There's also another upside. If you're going to the trouble of having your alloy wheels professionally powder coated, why not think about changing the colour? We can replicate pretty much any colour you've seen, from dark matt titanium to bright gloss orange.

Whatever your requirements Elite Alloy Wheel Repair can help.